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To Start! Jesus Fish!

1 filet of tilapia(Jesus Fish!)
1/2 unleavened bread crumbs(...For it is holy)
1 teaspoon ground mustard (for faith)
wine for marinade ( don't bleed without it!)
Salt(preferably from Utah (for "Yea are the salt of the Earth")
olive oil
5 thick-ish skewers
Kitchen string

Marinade tilapia in wine (red would be more authentic, but white probobly would be to better effect) for aproximately one hour

Remove fish from marinade, mix breadcrumbs, salt, and mustard in a small bowl, then cover the fish lightly in breading.

Take 4 skewers,anoint them thoroughly in olive oil.

Trap the fish firmly between the shape of the cross on both sides, tying all four points together with the kitchen string.

Your fish should be pretty mobile at this point and easily moved without ickiness just by holding one end of the joined skewers.

Now at this point, you can either steam the little dude, or put him in the long as he doesn't touch metal of the grill itself...he might stick.

Poke in the side with the last skewer, when it's done. (it may bleed a little if the wine doesn't evaporate)

Serves one...unless you have a few loaves of bread to go with it, then leftovers are a possibility

refridgerate and use the fish in another recipe three days later.....
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