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Little Angels of Satan

1 lb of medium-large raw shrimp (peel and de-vein it yourself, unless of course, you are a pussy)
1.5 Tbsp of cayenne pepper powder
2 Tsp of Adobo seasoning (or garlic salt)
1 tsp of flour
3/4 cup of olive oil (flavored or unflavored, your choice)
1 jar store-bought alfredo sauce

2 portions brown rice or pasta of your choice

Peel and de-vein the shrimp (but of course, YOU proobly skipped this step and bought it already cleaned....Wuss) The shrimp MUST be holds flavor much better than otherwise

Pour the oil into a large skillet and heat on a medium high flame....spinkle a copious amount of cayenne powder in the olive oil for good measure

Mix in a small container 1 tbsp Cayenne pepper, 1 tsp flour, one tsp of adobo seasoning...lightly coat the shrimp in this concoction...or better yet...pour all the ingredianys directly on the shrimp and mix with your hands....then relish the sensation of every single cut in your hands flaring in agony.

Cover the shrimp and put in the fridge for 1/2 an hour if you wish to allow the flavor to set...but that's up to you.

Fry the shrimp in the skillet, until pink (2 minutes a side should do it...maybe sooner) put shrimp to the side and keep warm (the plate over plate method works)

reduce the flame to low and pour the entire container of alfredo sauce into the skillet....and mix it with the leavings of the shrimp. stir occasionally to keep from sticking.

If you have any extra may add it if you wish... Waste not, want not

When the sauce begins to bubble, add the shrimp and set to simmer for 3-5 minutes.

pour over your favorite rice, pasta, etc.

The great thing about this dish is at first, the alfredo hides the heat until AFTER you swallow your first bite...then following, each consecutive bite increases in heat until alomost unbearable. I am personally lactose intolerant and went through two LARGE glasses of milk for my half a pound of shrimp.

There is NO good way to cool your palette off after this meal. it taste amazing....but the back of your throat will hate you.
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